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About Us

Screen Language is currently recognised as one of the leading experts in disability access materials creations and audiovisual translation in Scotland and specialises in the production of high standard and purpose-made subtitles and audio description.

We work alongside filmmakers and distributors, universities and professional organisations, and we love to take on work that aims to support minorities and their rights, through film accessibility for people with disabilities and translation of endangered, indigenous and rare languages.

Screen Language Founder Elena Zini has a background in audiovisual translation and has been promoting film accessibility far and wide since 2009.

She loves to overcome linguistic and accessibility challenges alongside film producers and directors, and crafting spotless public-ready subtitles and beautiful sounding audio descriptions. Further to keeping an eye on industry developments in the field of accessibility, she works extensively as a consultant with universities, public bodies, and private enterprises. She has been training the next generation of audiovisual translators and exploring the possibilities of using technical advances to improve access to subtitles and audio description in cinemas and online.

Project Manager Mark Bradshaw, with a Masters in Translation Studies from Edinburgh University and years of experience in accessibility, project management and audience engagement, loves to effectively manage and support all stages of project development processes.

He is also a translator and subtitler himself and enjoys building connections throughout the local film community. He has an eye for detail, an ear for language, a head for efficiency and logistics, and always savours the thrill of a successfully completed pipeline.

Working with Screen Language

Screen Language is always looking for brilliant translators, subtitlers, audio describers and voice actors. If you are interested in a career with our company, please email us your CV.