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Multilingual Subtitle Services

Screen Language was created by linguists and translators, experienced in the subtleties of communication across languages. We have a network of top-quality language professionals and the list of languages we work with is constantly expanding.

Our subtitled films have been screened across the continents from Cannes to Bologna, from Mexico to China. Whichever language you are looking for, we can help you!

Screen Language is experienced in working on a variety of genres such as fiction, documentary and commercial film. Our subtitles are suitable for cinema and DCP releases, international DVD sales and online viewing.

We use state-of-the-art subtitling software able to produce visually stunning subtitles and to take into account all the relevant features of a film such as shot changes, reading speed, and frame distance between subtitles.

We have a pool of experienced and qualified translators and subtitlers available. We only work with native speakers of the language they translate into.

We can also rely on professional film editing software and in-house technical expertise to assist you with any doubt you may have.

Screen Language can currently produce subtitles in a wide variety of formats including .srt, .ssa, .stl (EBU), ttml, .smil, .xml. Subtitles can be text-based or image-based. Image-based subtitles are larger folders that can be imported into editing software such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Encore and DVD Studio Pro.

Did you know? The quality of image-based subtitles is generally higher and these subtitles allow a very high degree of formatting flexibility, so they are recommended for DCP cinema screenings and some DVDs. Text-based subtitles are simpler to turn on and off, lighter to transfer and can be imported directly on many online players such as YouTube and Vimeo, therefore they are recommended for online viewing and some DVDs.

Multilingual Subtitle Services Enquiry

Please contact us via email (or use the handy form) to find out more about costs and turnaround time.

To get started, we will need to know:

  • the duration of the film you want to subtitle,
  • the language it is in now and the language(s) you need it subtitled into. Don’t forget to mention if you need a specific language variant, for example Swiss German or Brazilian Portuguese.

If you have a trailer, website or excerpt of the film on-line, please send us the links so we can check them out.

To help us work out the best product and quote for your needs, it would be great if you could also tell us:

  1. Type of film: documentary, fiction, commercial, advertisement, public awareness video, etc.
  2. Intended audience: UK or US deaf audience, viewers in a public space with no access to the soundtrack, etc.
  3. Format you need the subtitles in, or intended screening mode: VOD, DCP, DVD, etc.
  4. Whether you have a dialogue list available – the cost will be lower if you do!
  5. Whether the video has previously been subtitled – the cost will be lower if it has!