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BSL Translation

As a completely separate language to English, with a syntax and grammar all its own, it is increasingly common to have visual BSL translations of spoken and written English alongside subtitles for websites, online videos, information screens in museums and elsewhere.

For those whose first language is BSL, this is often the most accessible option.

British Sign Language is the visual language predominantly used by the deaf and hard of hearing community in the UK, and involves gestures, facial expressions and body language. It is the first language of around 77,000 people, and a second language for 250,000 people (source: Ethnologue).

At Screen Language we only work with qualified and experienced BSL professionals to produce studio-quality recordings, and we have access to an extensive pool of interpreters and presenters to suit a variety of projects.

BSL Translation Services Enquiry

Please contact us via email (or use the handy form) to find out more about costs and turnaround time.

To get started, we will need to know the duration of the film or text you want to have presented in BSL.

If you have a trailer, website or excerpt of the film on-line, please send us the links so we can check them out.

To help us work out the best product and quote for your needs, it would be great if you could also tell us:

  1. Type of film or text: documentary, fiction, commercial, advertisement, public awareness video, website, etc.
  2. Intended audience
  3. Format you need the BSL presentation in, or intended screening mode: VOD, DCP, DVD, etc.
  4. Whether you have a dialogue list to support our sign language presenters.