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Live Closed Captioning

In this new world where conferences, presentations and discussions are run entirely online, there is a greater call for professionally delivered live captions within Teams, Zoom and other video apps.

Besides making a live event more accessible for participants who are deaf, hard of hearing, or who have difficulty understanding spoken English, the resulting transcript can be used to provide subtitles for your video record of the event.

At Screen Language, we have a large network of live captioners to call on and the experience to ensure that your event’s captions are provided as professionally and seamlessly as possible.

We also have state-of-the-art speech recognition technology and dialogue list matching to ensure your rough live-caption transcript can be rendered into a final, time-coded subtitle file for you to pair with your video for subsequent viewings.

Live Closed Captioning Services Enquiry

Please contact us via email (or use the handy form) to find out more about costs and availability.

To get started, we will need to know the duration of the conference/presentation/forum etc. and potential dates and times.

If you have a website with information about the event, please send us the link so we can check it out.

To help us work out the best product and quote for your needs, it would be great if you could also tell us:

  1. Type of event: whether you will be hosting it on Zoom or on another platform.
  2. Intended audience: to make the event accessible for deaf or hard of hearing participants or for legacy use as subtitles to be played with the event recording.
  3. If you need the event transcript rendered into final subtitles.