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Translation Services

At Screen Language, we specialise in the translation of content for the audio-visual sector.

So far, we have translated texts and films into 32 languages plus language variants of Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese. From globally used languages such as Arabic and French, to more localised languages such as Finnish and Thai, we can translate into any language you need!

All our linguists are qualified translation professionals specialised in the audio-visual field, but our pool of specialised translators is constantly expanding.

At Screen Language, we only work with native speakers of the language they translate into. You can count on us to translate:

  • Film pressbooks.
  • Festival catalogues.
  • Dialogue lists.
  • Film websites and advertising material.

We also offer translation and adaptation of dialogue lists for voiceovers such as our recent work at The Burrell Collection, as well as transcription for film scripts.

Every translator and interpreter we use sign a professional confidentiality agreement and they have a commitment not to disclose any of the material they receive from us to third parties.

We understand the subtleties and specificity of terminology for different projects, so we communicate with our clients as much as possible to understand your needs.

When suitable, we also use translation memories and terminology databases to ensure consistency in our translations.

We adhere to the Institute of Translation and Interpreting’s high standards and code of conduct.

Translation Services Enquiry

Please contact us via email (or use the handy form) to find out more about costs and turnaround time.

To get started, we will need to know:

  • how long the text you want to translate is,
  • which language it is written in and which language(s) you need us to translate it into. Don’t forget to mention if you need a specific language variant, for example Swiss German or Brazilian Portuguese.

If you have the document ready please send it to us so we can check it out.

To help us work out the best product and quote for your needs, it would be great if you could also tell us about:

  1. Target language and country.
  2. Target audience: festival, cinema, professionals, prospective customers, etc.
  3. Delivery time: when you need this done for.
  4. Any preference regarding terminology/existing glossaries used and previously approved translations.